Royal Brunei Airlines launches 4 new Travel Packages to Brunei

Have you ever fly on Royal Brunei Airlines? If you have not, you may think that it will be very costly from its branding. Did you know that a return ticket to London starts from only $1,516 during this London 2012 period? That’s indeed affordable for a boutique airline compared to many other airlines!

If you are still hesitating whether to fly on Royal Brunei Airlines for your next holiday, why not make a visit to Brunei instead of the usual places in Asia? You will be glad to learn that they are launching four new travel packages at Travel Carnival fair 2012, held from 4 to 5 August, 2012 at Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The new travel packages aim to promote the less explored places in Brunei that has luxuriant and pristine rain-forests, rich in flora and fauna perfect for nature lovers as well as for ecotourism. Besides visiting natural places, you will also enjoy spectacular scenery and the diversity of Brunei such as outdoor adventure sports and unique shopping experiences.

SuperStar Libra 4D3N Fly-Cruise: Back to Penang with a Feast! (Day 4 of 4)

It was my last and final day on-board SuperStar Libra as we will be disembarking back at Swettenham Pier at Penang after 4 days and 3 nights cruising over to Krabi and Phuket. My travel companion, Darren and I went to Mariners Buffet restaurant which serves international buffet and a section specially catered to Indian vegetarian.

As it was our final meal on the cruise, we had a breakfast feast with our neighbours next door too and had a spread of food ranging from Western to Asian selection. Items like scrambled eggs, cheese, ham, hot dogs and croissant were comforting food for breakfast as we usually see them around. Of course, since I didn’t had siew mai at the Chinese restaurant for breakfast the day before, I told myself to have some even though it wasn’t very fantastic.

I am not exactly a rice person but Darren, being a huge eater who gets hungry every few hours decided to have some along with baked beans. We ate many other things as well such as porridge, roti prata and noodles. Yes, way too much till I was so busy tucking down the food and not taking photos of them.

SuperStar Libra 4D3N Fly-Cruise: It’s a Phuket FantaSea! (Day 3 of 4)

It’s day 3 on-board the SuperStar Libra and I was having some mixed feelings when I woke up in the morning. A part of me was feeling excited as we will make a port call at Phuket as we will be visiting the biggest restaurant in Asia and another part of me was feeling sad as another day more, I will be back in Penang and making my journey back in Singapore.

Brushing all of the unhappy thoughts aside, Darren and I made our way to the Chinese restaurant, Ocean Palace for breakfast and our friends came along too.

It was so relaxing to be sipping on a cup of Chinese tea and enjoying dim sum as the golden rays of sunlight illuminate the table. It was a breakfast set so the items were set and they will serve the portion according to the number of person.

First to arrive on our table were some seafood dumplings and a lotus paste bun. Like most dim sum restaurants, they have it served in the bamboo steam basket.

SuperStar Libra 4D3N Fly-Cruise: James Bond Island & Gala Dinner! (Day 2 of 4)

After a good night of rest, I woke up at 8am to the day 2 on SuperStar Libra feeling recharged. I’ll be spending almost the entire day at Krabi for today’s itinerary on a shore excursion planned by the staffs of Star Cruises to visit Phang Nga Bay National Park.

As we have to gather at 10am, Darren and I dragged ourselves out from bed and went to have breakfast at Four Seasons Restaurant. These items on the plate were from the buffet table while they have egg set meal to choose from to have the eggs prepared your preferred style. However, I don’t have a huge appetite for breakfast and all these food here seems more like brunch for me.

Soon, the cruise was docked somewhere near the open water and we have to transfer to a smaller boat to disembark on the shore of Phang Nga Bay province. Although the weather was warm, I love the puffy cloud formations in the sky against the blue sky!

SuperStar Libra 4D3N Fly-Cruise: On-board the SuperStar Libra at Penang (Day 1 of 4)

Finally, here I am sharing on my Star Cruises 4D3N Fly-Cruise adventure from Penang to Krabi and Phuket on SuperStar Libra! In my previous post, I wrote about the brief itinerary over my 4 days adventure which I traveled in the air, on land and sea. In this 4-part series of blog posts, it will be filled with photos so be patient about it as I post them up here for your viewing and reading pleasure. πŸ™‚


Having been on SuperStar Libra, it refreshed my memory that I have ever been on it when I was younger. This time round, it was very much more fun to have travel partner, Darren Sim, to accompany me for this exciting trip as well as making new friends along with the fantastic people from Star Cruises.

The entire 4D3N Fly-Cruise Adventure begun at Changi Airport Terminal 2 where I check-in to SilkAir’s counter. I had to take an hour flight to Penang International Airport and embark on the cruise from Penang. Our flight was at 8am and I had to make a rush to the airport and check in by 7am. Thankfully, light meal was served on board the flight to fill my stomach for the morning.

Embarking on a 4D3N Fly-Cruise on SuperStar Libra to Penang, Phuket & Krabi!

Previously, I went on a 2D1N Cruise on SuperStar Virgo to experience the newly renovated cruise with brand new entertainment performances but that was just too short with so many things to do on-board! Special thanks to the lovely people at Star Cruisesο»Ώ, I’ll be emarking on a 4D3N Fly-Cruise on Superstar Libra to Penang, Phuket & Krabiο»Ώ tomorrow!

From Singapore, I’ll be taking a SilkAir flight to Penang and upon arriving, I’ll be transferred to Penang International Cruise Terminal and board SuperStar Libra! The cruise will then stop-over at Phuket and Krabi for off-shore excursions. With so much to experience, sight-see, cultural performance, shopping and eating on board and off-shore, I am so excited and looking forward to the next 4 days.

Stay tune for my blog posts on this 4D3N Fly-Cruise experience from Penang to Phuket and Krabi! It is a brand new sail route for SuperStar Libra and you can visit here for details!

Escape to Aussie with Dynasty Travel!

Have you ever dream of being an Indiana Jones to venture into the Jenolan Caves at Blue Mountains or maybe be like Lara Croft to scuba dive among the Great Barrier Reef? If you’re not that adventurous, how about scaling to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge and enjoy the scenery from up the or maybe bring your family for a fun-filled day at the theme parks of Gold Coast?

Now, you can turn your dreams into reality with Dynasty Travel by participating in The Great Aussie Escape Facebook Contest!

Yes, that’s right! There are more than $10,000 worth of attractive prizes to be won and also, you will be able to discover the top Australia attractions too. No harm planning your mid-year or year-end holidays now as there so many places for great sight-seeing places and exciting adventures to embark on!