Make Some Noise for Singapore and Win $5,000 Grant & Prizes!

Noise Singapore is back again this year and they are inviting creative young people aged 35 (yes, you’re young!) and below to submit their Art & Design, Photography and Music work and win $5,000 of grant. Imagine having to invest in your own photography gears and doing studio productions, this grant will be a great booster for all those who are committed and have a flair for arts.

Starhub launches Family Time Project

How many times are we are not able to make it home in time for dinner due to other commitments? Either that or we may be out on a weekend for a family outing but we are working on our mobile devices most of the time. Have we forgotten about our family values and priorities as we place too much emphasis on other commitments?

Rudy Project Sunglasses, Light-Weight & Durable Eyewear

When it comes to sunglasses for your sporting use, what is the first thing that came into my mind is that it has to be light-weight, durable and comfortable. Especially for someone like me who runs quite often, a pair of sunglasses is important to protect my eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and to prevent dirt from entering my eyes. Not to mention, to look cool and stylish yet sweating it out at the same time!

Because CalvinTimo SAYS it!

Are you always too busy after a long day at work or school and have no time to stay updated of the latest news and articles of interest? Forget about surfing around various websites to source for information as a brand new social media platform,, has it all compiled for you!

On, you will be able to surf through 3.5 hours of news in just 5 minutes with a couple of clicks on the mouse. Ranging from news, fun, lifestyle and design articles, you will be able to scroll through them all on just one site.

Read about the Higgs Boson research on the God particle, fashion scene in Singapore and know all about the coolest cases for your iPhone 4 as brings you Featured Remixes showcasing popular topics!

Share your Memorable Moments in Sharp’s 100th Anniversary Contest & Win Fabulous Prizes!

On 15th September 2012, Japanese electronics MNC, Sharp, will be celebrating their 100th anniversary and they are inviting you to participate in their Sharp 100 Years campaign! From 16th June till 15th September 2012, simply share your fondest moments in the photo and video contest and you can win exciting prizes!


I’m not sure how many of you actually know about the history of Sharp but in a nutshell, Sharp Corporation was founded by Tokuji Hayakawa (早川 徳欑) in September 1912 and his first invention was the Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil. Another notable invention by Sharp in 1964 was the world’s first transistor calculator and the first LCD calculator in 1973. Over all these years, Sharp has produced many other consumer electronics such as televisions, gaming console with Nintendo in the 1980’s and mobile devices including the world’s first commercial camera phone in 1997.

Style yourself up like a Celebrity with Luxury Designer Glasses from SmartBuyGlasses

Have you ever been to an event where everyone are dressed to the nines and you just need an accessory to put on to make you look more classy and stylish? How about putting on a luxury designer sunglasses to make you look even more charming and irresistible? I know they may cost a bomb at fashion boutiques but over at SmartBuyGlasses, you can purchase them up at up to 40% discount with more than 150 designer brands to choose from for both male and female.

Whatever the occasion is, SmartBuyGlasses will have something for you. From Designer Sunglasses for everyday protection from the sun to Designer Glasses for everyday wear and to Sports Sunglasses for beach volleyball or sailing, they have it all here and you will be spoilt for choices with brands ranging from A to Z.

Over at their main page, it shows some of the branded glasses on sale and there are even more brands such as Alexander McQueen, Bvlgari, Dsquared2 and Swarovski, just to name a few. Best of all, all the prices indicated on this website are in Singapore Dollars so you need not sorry about conversation rates and hidden charges besides shipping charge.

Escape to Aussie with Dynasty Travel!

Have you ever dream of being an Indiana Jones to venture into the Jenolan Caves at Blue Mountains or maybe be like Lara Croft to scuba dive among the Great Barrier Reef? If you’re not that adventurous, how about scaling to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge and enjoy the scenery from up the or maybe bring your family for a fun-filled day at the theme parks of Gold Coast?

Now, you can turn your dreams into reality with Dynasty Travel by participating in The Great Aussie Escape Facebook Contest!

Yes, that’s right! There are more than $10,000 worth of attractive prizes to be won and also, you will be able to discover the top Australia attractions too. No harm planning your mid-year or year-end holidays now as there so many places for great sight-seeing places and exciting adventures to embark on!