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Usher in Lunar New Year and Celebrate Valentine’s Day with ‘Love in Springtime’ at Sentosa

In less than two weeks time, we will be ushering in Lunar New Year with our friends, family and loved ones over reunion dinner and festive snacks. Not to forget, Valentine’s Day is about a month away and Sentosa has put together a series of exciting festivities, auspicious promotions, and fun activities from 21 January to 26 February, themed Love in Springtime (爱在春季).

ciNE65 Is Back For The Third Season With the Theme “Believing • Home”

ciNE65 is back for the third season and this year, they are inviting film-makers to submit a 3-minute short film with the theme “Believing • Home”. I felt the theme was very apt as we are celebrating Singapore’s 50th year of independence this National Day.

Through this short film competition, it not only encourages local talents to showcase their submission, but we as audience will be able to reflect the beliefs by our pioneers who built Singapore and the beliefs we carry today in this country we call home.

Share a Joyful and Fun White Christmas with Coca-Cola!

When I was a kid, I dreamt of celebrating a White Christmas while playing in the snow. I also wish that there’s a chimney in my house because in storybooks, it always depicts Santa flying through the night sky on a sleigh with a pair of reindeer pulling it and he will come down through it and hiding presents in huge stockings hung within the house.

Having snow on Christmas seems so magical with Christmas carols playing in the background and Coca-Cola is bringing snow to Singapore from halfway across the world in Lapland!

Sentosa Spooktacular Thai Horror Halloween Night

October ended with a night of Thai horror for me as my friends decided to visit Sentosa Spooktacular for a night of Halloween fun. I used to like horror movies, especially Thai horror compared to Japanese or American ones thanks to the Thai culture associated to many superstitions and urban legends.

Having attended past few editions of Sentosa Spooktacular, it wasn’t new that Sentosa jointly partnered GTH Studios to recreate a Thai horror experience for Halloween thrill-seekers. However, this year was said to be better, scarier and my friends decided to take advantage of the SAFRA card discount at $40.60 (usual $48) for a night of horror fun in Laddaland.

Little Apple, China’s Answer to Gangnam Style?

No, Little Apple <> isn’t an imitation to Apple’s iPhone 6.

It is an addictive song which has been making its rounds over the internet and got many people across China, singing and dancing! It all began when two creative individuals Xiao Yang and Wang Taili, better known as the Chopstick Brothers, came together and recorded this song to promote their latest film which was released in July. Later did they know, their hit song titled “Little Apple” <> became such a widespread phenomenon that caused everyone to film parodies of it. Even the Chinese military is using in in a recruitment video!