Pho Street – Vietnamese Street Delights in the Heart of Orchard Road

Recently, The Centrepoint mall has been crowned the winner of Orchard Road’s Best Dressed Building Contest 2016 in the “Voters’ Choice Award” category with the The Christmas Clockwork Kitchen Lights Up décor along Orchard Road. With all the yummy pastries on display, did you know that the revamped mall have over 30 dining options that will spoil you for choices?


Christmas décor outside The Centrepoint (Credits: The Centrepoint)

While looking for food options to satisfy my hungry stomach after an evening of shopping, I chanced upon Pho Street as I craving for something that will excite my taste buds.

Processed with VSCO

Rice Crackers Served with Salad of Crunchy Green Mango, Prawns, Pork Belly & Crushed Peanuts

Looking through their extensive menu ranging from rice and noodles dishes, banh mi – French baguette with assorted meat and vegetable ingredients – to a selection of mouth-watering street snacks, the Mango Salad jumped out at me since I am a fan of Thai cuisine.



Mango Salad with Prawns and Crushed Peanuts on Cracker


I enjoyed the freshly prepared mango salad topped with crushed peanuts gave a nice crunch to every bite.  Accompanied by the fat and juicy prawns doused with the sweet and spicy Thai salad dressing, this was indeed an appetizing and tangy start to a meal.

Here comes my main course, Dry Rice Vermicelli with Roasted Lemongrass Chicken & Spring Roll. As mouthful as it sounds, the portion was a spread with a sizeable slice of grilled chicken infused with the aromatic flavours of lemongrass. The mixture of fresh vegetables somehow makes it feel like eating the Korean bibimbap, how refreshing and delicious!

Pho Street is definitely worth a visit again for its value-for-money and exciting menu which offers an authentic taste of Vietnamese street delicacies!

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