[Food Review] Cat and the Fiddle, of Cheesecakes and Techie Geeks

What has the cat been fiddling with?  It’s neither her new toy nor her ball of yarn but cheesecakes!  Founded by Chef Daniel Tay earlier this year, Cat and the Fiddle is the first-of-its-kind cheesecake online shop that sells more than 10 flavours of whole cheesecakes at an affordable price!

As cafe-hopping has become a favourite past-time for some Singaporeans, cakes from Cat and the Fiddle is now available at the newly opened Geek Cafe!


Not only you can enjoy individual slices of cheesecakes accompanied with artisanal brews, you will also be able to purchase electronic gadgets and techie geeks will also be able to repair your gadgets ranging from phones to cameras. Look at the variety of cheesecakes on the display!


These cheesecakes are baked fresh daily at their central kitchen with stringent hygiene and quality control, it will undergo a process known as snap freezing to seal its freshness before being delivered to your doorstep or the cafe.  By doing so, quality of the cakes will not be compromised and best of all, they do not contain any additives and artifical colouring preservatives!


You might ask, why is the price of a whole cheesecake so affordable – ranging from $19.90 to $35.90 each – it’s because operational cost is being saved by not having a cafe space by itself.  Hence, that’s how they keep the food cost low and not passing it to customers. Definitely great news for those who wants quality cakes at great value! 🙂



Usually, we order a whole cake for special occasions and at Cat and the Fiddle allows you to customize your cake with add-ons like candles, greeting tags and ornaments!  What a way to impress and surprise your loved ones with these adorable décors from only $1.20 onwards.  For both DIY stencils and decorative set like the “Merry Christmas” seen above are priced at $5.50 each and “Happy Birthday” is available too.


I could not wait to sink my teeth into those cheesecakes as they were so pretty on the display.  This slice of “The Emperor’s Romance” caught my eyes on first sight.  Luscious lychee, martini with a smooth, mousse like texture was smooth, light and aromatic unlike any cheesecake I have eaten.  It felt like bliss with an alluring lychee fragrant lingering on my palate.


After my first slice of cheesecake, it was love at first bite which totally changed my perception of how some of them are usually dense in texture with a rich, buttery and unpleasant after-taste.  I moved on to my second slice, Maneki Neko, that’s filled with tangy and refreshing yuzu.  I am a huge fan of yuzu and personally wish that the citrus punch was stronger to my liking.  Nevertheless, it was great that the mild cheese flavour balanced the sour tinge well without being too overpowering.


 King Cat of the Mountain, probably a favourite for durian lovers is baked using Creamy Mao Shan Wang durians.  Love it or hate it, it is baked using real premium durian and complemented so well with the cheese mixed in.  Topped with 2 durian sponge cake cube, be ready for an exceptional sensation on your palate and be brought up to cloud nine.


As the festive season is just around the corner, Cat and the Fiddle created an exclusive chocolate cheesecake with brownie bits, wishing you “Have a Meowy Christmas“!  Indulge in the decadent chocolate-ly richness atop a gingerbread crust, adding a touch of spice with a crunchy, velvety finish.  For those with a sweet tooth, there’s also the “Snowy Christmas” with chocolate, cream cheese combined and brandied cherries with similar gingerbread crust.


When enjoying your slice of cheesecake at Geek Cafe, you can sip on a cup of fresh, single origin pour over by the experienced barista in the house.  Choose from either the citrusy Maragogype (El Jerto 2014 Auction beans) or the nutty San Gabriel (Guatemala Fraijanes) to go along with your favourite slice of cheesecake!  Other drinks such as non-caffeine and cold beverages are available too.


While waiting to get your gadgets fixed or having a screen protector pasted onto your device, why not pop by Geek Cafe and enjoy a slice of cheesecake by Cat and the Fiddle?  Experience life to the fullest and enjoy a cheesecake while waiting for the geeks to take care of your techie needs.

Cat and the Fiddle

Online Delivery: http://www.catandthefiddle.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/catthefiddle

Geek Cafe

Address: 81 Marine Parade Central #01-644 Singapore 440081

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GeekCafe.sg

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