[Food Review] HOME Restaurant, of Peking Duck and Festive Specials

What is a place call HOME without home-cooked style food which taste like your mum’s cooking? At this Chinese restaurant fronted by Celebrity Chef Tan Yong Hua that’s hidden at one end of The Rail Mall, you can expect a casual, relaxing meal with your loved ones and friends over Chinese cuisine with a modern twist.

I was at a hosted tasting session recently and got to try a selection of the restaurant’s specialities and festive menu which will be available during the Lunar New Year season. Read on to find out about it! 😛


Does it feel like walking your kitchen dining room with photos hanging on the wall and ornaments placed on the shelves?  With the utensils laid out nicely on the dining table, the only thing missing is having your mum calling out “it’s dinner time!”


Comfortably seated, the chef couldn’t wait to bring out their speciality, Barbecued Peking Duck with Lychee Wood.  These glistening, crisp duck skin was served separately the texture could be well savoured. Achieving such a beautiful end product comes with a tedious process to air-dry the duck overnight so the skin will turn crisp from roasting. Palm sugar was provided at the side but the skin was already good by itself.


Having the duck smoked with lychee wood for 1 hour and 15 minutes, there was a mellow bit of sweetness among the succulent roasted duck meat.  It helps to enhance the flavour of the duck meat which tasted really good.  Who would new lychee wood would cause such a wonder to traditional Peking duck recipe.


Sliced ginger, cucumber and palm sauce were provided to make your own little meat roll, perfect appetizer in any Chinese meal, I would say. The traditional rice skin were served in a steamer basket with cover to keep it moist so to prevent from drying up, which will then tear the skin.


It is said that in every Chinese meal, there must be a soup in the middle of the dining table to warm our hearts and people whom we are dining with.  The chef’s Soup of the Day happened to be my favourite Melon Soup which reminded me of my childhood which my grandma would always prepare.  Over here, the soup boiled with lean pork has been boiled with herbal goodness for the day which helps to cool down the body heat.


Being Cantonese myself, I enjoyed this Baked Marble Goby in Claypot with Chef Tan in-house Recipe. It was a huge fish without many bones shared by a table of about 12 of us and it was steamed with shredded ginger to give it a fragrant aroma to its smooth, slightly savoury meat texture.


Such divine looking dish, these Homemade Egg Bean Curd with Shrimp Paste, Crabmeat & Roe in Pi Pa Style is more than what meets the eye.  Who would know such tedious handmade fresh bean curd freshly prepared in olive shape and fried would be served at a restaurant?  What more it is filled with flavours from the ocean as the tofu is stuff with seafood goodness!  I could have this all by myself.


Here comes the duck again! This time, it is Deep-fried Duck with Dried Chili, Roasted Mince Garlic and Capsicum Pepper Fine Salt.  Prepared totally different from the earlier one, I would say this is a really tantalizing dish that will be well-loved by everyone with its full of  flavours and crunch.  However, the meat was a tad dry for my liking.


If you do not like fish in the claypot earlier, how about some Stewed Golden Noodles with Lobster and Spring Onions Wrapped in O Ba Leave?  Lobsters sounds great but is it just me who always find the shell too huge with a puny bit of meat in the middle?


Nevertheless, the noodles has a nice springy bite with a mildly savoury sauce and chunks of mouth-watering pieces of lobster.


Apart from the usual huge dish size for the table of friend and shares to share, HOME serves individual portion of food during lunch too.  From $26++ per person, you can enjoy a 3-course meal consisting of Soup of the Day, Homemade Ramen with 8 Head Quality Amidori Abalone and the following dessert, Chilled Rosella Flower Jelly with Diced Mango.


Served chilled, this dessert to end of any meal on a mildly sour yet refreshing note. Thankfully for the diced mango, it helps to bring some tiny bits of sweetness to it.


The presentation of this Japanese Pumpkin Puree with Glutinous Rice dessert is simply too pretty!  The chef used the flesh of the pumpkin and make it into a puree with sago, glutinous rice and some coconut cream.  I love this dessert as it hit my soft spot for pumpkins and found it interesting that the glutinous rice gave it a traditional meets modern twist.


 It was a fulfilling dinner hosted by Chef Tan showcasing some of his signature dishes available on both his restaurant and festive menu. I would look forward to visit again for more of chef’s modern Chinese dishes like the popular Homemade Egg Beancurd. You can bring your friends here for a casual meal or your family for the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year reunion lunch or dinner as they have already started taking reservations.


Their Chinese Lunar New Year menu will be available throughout 1st February to 5th March 2015 (closed on 19th February 2015) for Lunch  (11.30am – 3.00pm) and Dinner (6.00pm – 10.15pm) with 3 seatings on Reunion Dinner on 18th February 2015.

Restaurant HOME

The Rail Mall 392, Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678046

For reservations, please call 6465 1698

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