New Ways to Do More with Lenovo YOGA!

Working on-the-go has been a norm these days especially for myself, having the need to get access to my documents, emails and multiple social media platforms all at a go. Apart from work, I use my mobile devices for entertainment and games which requires long-lasting battery life without having to carry a bulking portable charger or power cables with me.

Thankfully, Lenovo recently launched a new series of YOGA devices which serves my work and entertainment purpose yet convenient to carry around without lugging around a laptop bag.


For someone who likes a device that’s lightweight and portable, this YOGA Tablet 2 (pictured 8″ but also available in 10″) powered with the latest Intel Atom Processor and equipped with dynamic front-facing Dolby Audio and Wolfson Master HiFi, making this perfect for work and entertainment. While the 8″ (S$499)and 10″ (S$599) Android 4.4 Kit Kat versions are LTE enabled for you to make phone calls with its micro SIM card slot.


I love the sleek built of it and it’s hinge at the back allows me a 4-way versatility to suit my suit my lifestyle of using it however posture I like. The size of it fits into any bags easily, allowing me to carry it anywhere, everywhere.   Another plus point was the 18 hours long battery life and comes loaded  with a powerful 8MP camera to capture and share photos and videos.


Not a fan of Android? Windows fans can get their hands on the YOGA Tablet 2 with Windows 10″ LTE version (S$699) which comes with one year free Office 365.  It is also perfect for those who love working with a keyboard besides the 10-point multi-touch screen.  Its specifications are quite similar to YOGA Tablet 2 8″ and 10″ such as the 2GB DDR 3 RAM and supports up to 64GB of ROM in the Micro SD card slot.  However, the battery life is slightly shorter at 15 hours.


A tablet with a projector? It isn’t Science fiction any more as Lenovo came out with the world’s first tablet with an integrated projector in its Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Pro (S$1,199) which is LTE enabled got you to make phone calls too.  As there has been a growing trend to watch videos on tablets, the designers created this 13.3″ screen with a sharp and clear QHD 2560 x 1440 display.


With its Pico projector with the ability to project a 16:9 high-resolution image unto any surface for an instant 50″ theatre experience, this tablet has become an entertainment powerhouse with its integrated 8W JBL Sound System with Dolby Audio 5W sub-woofer and Wolfson Master Hi-Fi.  How nice to use it for work and entertainment purpose with a projector so handy in its 3.7mm thin body and weighing only 950 grams.

I can’t wait  to get my hands on these new devices launched by Lenovo offering users like me more power features in a thinner and lighter package.  Thankfully, these will be launched this month in November and it will be a great reward for yourself or making it a perfect Christmas present for friends and loved ones.

Check out Lenovo Online Store now at to get your preferred Lenovo Yoga products with just a few clicks away! 🙂

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