Sentosa Spooktacular Thai Horror Halloween Night

 October ended with a night of Thai horror for me as my friends decided to visit Sentosa Spooktacular for a night of Halloween fun.  I used to like horror movies, especially Thai horror compared to Japanese or American ones thanks to the Thai culture associated to many superstitions and urban legends.

Having attended past few editions of Sentosa Spooktacular, it wasn’t new that Sentosa jointly partnered GTH Studios to recreate a Thai horror experience for Halloween thrill-seekers.  However, this year was said to be better, scarier and my friends decided to take advantage of the SAFRA card discount at $40.60 (usual $48) for a night of horror fun in Laddaland.


Over at the far western corner of Sentosa, Siloso Point was transformed into a Thai horror movie set featuring 3 movies:- Countdown, Swimmer and Alone.  We ventured into Laddaland slowly, being very cautious of talents who may jump out from anywhere to scare us.


Upon entering the entrance, the path leading into the 3 main attractions were dark, like this abandoned house on fire which looks so real standing at the top of a hill.


We came across this ghost sleeping in the middle of the road. It probably got tired from all the walking around and scaring of visitors.  I thought this scare talent is a brave one despite groups of people gathering around, making lots of noises and joking over it.

Over there, my godsis was checking that ghostly woman out and I couldn’t what would have happened if she suddenly jumps up at her with a scream…


The set up of haunted houses were very detailed, which seems very real as if I was in a movie set.  If you are lurking around here alone at night, I’m sure the creeps will come running down your spine.


Scare talents entertaining the crowd in the queue by walking around to scare unsuspecting guests. They even stop for photo opportunities too!

As there were lots of people queuing to enter the attractions, we asked the one of the friendly staff which was the scariest of them all and went over to queue for Alone. We could see the popularity as we queued for slightly more than an hour before getting in!


While we were queuing these scare talents took photos with us and put on a dance performance too. Great job in keeping the guests engaged and it was very thoughtful of them to place huge fans and a snack stall where the queue was.

Out of so many scare talents, I felt this one above should not only have won the “Best Dress Award” but also the “Best Actor” of the night because he got into the role so well such as walking like a drunkard, leopard crawling on the grass and “eating” his own bony hands!


This is what we do when we got too bored waiting in queue with this weird lips geisha.

We managed to get into the 2nd and 3rd haunted attraction, Swimmer and Countdown, both around 30 minutes as it was getting late and those 2 were the 1st and 2nd attractions.  Lots of people were forming up the queue for Alone by then.  Sadly no photography were allowed within those haunted attractions.

Although they were not that scary as Alone, I thought Countdown was interesting as we were given 3D glasses to walk through a maze filled with neon bright lights, loud party music and a few good scare talents.


See you next year at Sentosa Spooktacular or I’ll haunt you down…

A while back, a scare talent working at Resorts World Singapore Universal Studios – Haunted Halloween Night 4 posted on Facebook that she was sexually harassed and assaulted by Halloween thrill-seekers.  For Sentosa Spooktacular, I felt that the safety brief given to guests before entering the haunted attraction serves as a good reminder to keep everyone safe.  Guests were advised not to have any form of body contact  with the talents and to squat and raise the hands (a sign to indicate you require assistance) and an operation staff will escort you out.

Measures were in place in protect everyone and at the end of the day, let’s respect these ghostly friends and treat them with dignity as they put in so much time and effort to make such an event possible in the name of fun.

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