[Food Review] Yoogane Singapore, Dak Galbi Sizzling Up a Storm?

Although Yoogane Singapore opened its first restaurant in Singapore couple of months back in May, it isn’t exactly new in the Korean culinary scene. The brand started in Busan back in 1981 and since then, it has been very popular in Seoul for serving up a variety of signature galbi (pan-fried marinated chicken) on their menu.

There has been long queue ever since it opened at Bugis Junction and being a Korean food lover, I decided to check out if it is really worth that much hype.


My group of awesome friends left me to decide on the menu so I ordered one of the chef’s specialities, Seafood and Chicken Galbi in large portion ($59.90, serves 3-4 paxs).  They have it in regular portion too which serves 2-3 paxs at $52.90. Besides that, we had the option to add extra sides and I went ahead with the Combination Dokboki (Rice Cakes, +$6.90) since there were 6 of us.

Yoogane Singapore

The platter of food came raw on a huge metal pan and the staff who served began cooking in front of us.  We were given an apron each at our seat but we decided to let the staffs do the cooking as it was our first visit.

It was a treat for our senses and very soon, we became hungry as the aroma of seafood and Korean marinate lingered in the air. It took about 10 minutes to have it cooked and it was the slowest 10-minute of my life as I could not wait to dig in.


Hoho! The huge pan of galbi goodness is ready right before our very eyes.  Don’t you just want a bowl of rice to eat along with these mouth-watering marinated sliced chicken, juicy prawns, mussels, baby octopus, rice cakes and vegetables? They tasted great initially but after a while, my palate got accustomed to the sweet and spicy Korean sauce and it everything else tasted quite similar to me.


Speaking of rice earlier, how can we not order their highly raved Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice ($14.90). Although the serving is for 1 person, it was prepared from scratch too with the staff cooking it in the huge pan. Look at the generous amount of marinated chicken here!

IMG_20141019_150402Short grain rice were added to pan-fry with the chicken slices.  It adsorbed the goodness of the marinate and the glittery colour of it simply looked appetizing.  Mozzarella cheese were later evenly distributed across the layer of rice and that certainly looks heavenly.IMG_20141019_150752_HDR

The sauce and cooking style were similar to the previous dish and the main draw for this was probably the mozzarella cheese. It adds another dimension of flavour to the galbi chicken fried rice and I enjoyed it more than Seafood and Chicken Galbi. I also like how it tasted more distinct without the feel of chicken overwhelmed by the umami of seafood.


While waiting for the staffs to cook, I had the Korean Style Seafood Pancake ($16.90) to nibble on. It looked so good with the egg batter completely stuffed with awesome seafood goodness.  Overall, it was delish that every bit was wiped off the plate, thanks to the savory-sour dipping sauce which hit off so well and the crisp, brown surface of the pancake.

Besides ordering appetizers to share, the plus point of Yoogane is the condiment bar where you can help yourselves to banchan (side dishes) like kimchi, pickled stuffs and lots more.

Overall, I would say this place is worth a visit but definitely not a place to dine on a date unless you want to smell.  I might actually visit this restaurant again to try other dishes like Chicken Bulgogi and adding Korean noodles to my galbi but will not be queuing more than 10 minutes or dine here during peak hours as the waiting time will be long and the restaurant becomes smoky and noisy from the crowd.

Disclaimer: This is a non-invited review and opinions are based on author’s own.

***** Check It Out *****

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