An Evening of Sensory Indulgence at ArtScience Late

I enjoy how shapes, colours, music and sound invigorate my thoughts and feelings. Through sight and hearing, we can experience various aspects of art beyond our imagination.

One evening, I decided to take a break from everything and visit ArtScience Museum and it happened to be the night of ArtScience Late which takes place once a month on a Thursday evening.


Taken on my last trip to Seoul, Korea, at Daehangno, a street painted with colourful wall murals popular among young visitors. It is the former location of Seoul National University. In the 1980s, many theater groups started moving to Daehangno, and soon it developed into a Cultural Center. Many live-cafes, movie theaters, regular cafes and pubs sprung up in a short period of time and it grew into an entertainment district eventually.


While making my way to the ArtScience Museum, I couldn’t help but to stop and take a deep breath as I gaze into the alluring nightscape of Marina Bay with such a marvellous sight.


Arriving at the entrance of ArtScience Museum, I thought I had entered the future with the electrifying blue lightings.  Upon second glance, cocktail tables were set up to allow guests to wind down over a beverage of choice from the bar counter.


The highlight performance for the month of October was by musician, Tim O’ Dwyer, and visual artist, Florian Baron.  I was pretty amazed by how dazzling the Kaleidoclock, an interactive video installation, complements the tunes of meta saxophone.


I noticed some guests leaving after a few minutes into the performance but enjoying any form of art requires patience and an open mind to allow endless possibilities of interpretations. Relax and unwind and let the colours and tunes take you mind somewhere far away.


You too can create similar live visuals with kaleidoscope effect by downloading the Kaleidoclock App for iPhone or iPad!  Only one of the segments is in real time, and each successive segment has an adjustable time delay. This setup lets users playfully create infinite styles of visuals through combining – in one image – the present and recent past.

Still wondering how it works, check out this video of Florian Baron’s interactive installation for the Ashigara Art Festival in Japan:


Besides the highlight performance, guests of the ArtScience Late can also visit other on-going exhibitions for free from 7 – 10pm.  I checked out the works of Annie Leibovitz who’s a portrait photographer whom have worked with many renowned personalities such as Leonardo Docaprio, Patti Smith, Queen Elizabeth II, Bill and Hilary Clinton.


A quote by Annie Leibovitz


I also visited a contemporary photography showcase by China’s young artists. It was indeed very insightful to see through the eyes of another person growing up in another country with a completely different background, ideology and how it shape their thoughts when they grow up.

Do mark your calendars as the next ArtScience Late will be happening on the Thursday evening of 20th Nov 2014. Be mesmerized by a collaborative visual art with contemporary dance put together by Chey Chankethya from Cambodia and Blake Shaw from United States/Germany.

Stay tuned to for upcoming highlights in the months ahead. 🙂

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