Little Apple, China’s Answer to Gangnam Style?

No, Little Apple <<小苹果>> isn’t an imitation to Apple’s iPhone 6.

It is an addictive song which has been making its rounds over the internet and got many people across China, singing and dancing!  It all began when two creative individuals Xiao Yang and Wang Taili, better known as the Chopstick Brothers, came together and recorded this song to promote their latest film which was released in July.  Later did they know, their hit song titled “Little Apple” <<小苹果>> became such a widespread phenomenon that caused everyone to film parodies of it.  Even the Chinese military is using in in a recruitment video!

WebCulture0929_Little Apple2

If you still do not know what is this about, let’s have a look at their movie promotional video with the hit song featuring Xiao and Wang with a completely senseless storyboard.

Don’t you agree this song is so nonsensical that the tune of it gets stuck in the brain even after hearing it for the first time?  Raking more than 50 million views on Chinese video sites such as Sohu, iQiyi and Youku, is Little Apple <<小苹果>> set to take over the popular Kpop PSY‘s hit, Gangnam Style?

Since it is such a popular from Beijing to Shanghai and even to Macau, no wonder the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is using it in their recruitment video.  Lack of originality or simply riding on the waves?  One thing we know, imitation is the best form of flattery.

Given it is such a popular song, it is very expected that flash mob dancing to this song will appear somewhere, somehow.

Flash mob outside a popular mall in China.

It even made waves in the air! Chinese airline stewardess, I mean.

If you’re thinking, will this Little Apple <<小苹果>> craze will hit the land of Kpop, allow me to ease your brain cells.

China apple has invaded South Korea with Kpop dance moves!

Lastly, be blown away by this American lady’s ballad cover on the piano and singing it in Mandarin!

😀 😀 😀

What other crazy Little Apple <<小苹果>> videos have you seen online? Share the URL link in the comment box below! 😛

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