Team Awesome Cook Out & Stayover

The tagline of my blog is “Experience Life to the Fullest” and one way to truly experience it is by doing life together with friends, family and loved ones.  Last week, I had a stay-over with some of the Team Awesome leaders from DARE (New Creation Church ministry for secondary school youths) over the long weekend and we had a memorable, fun-filled time cooking, singing and playing games together! 😀


Hi, welcome to my cook show. Today, we will be learning how to cook Aglio Olio.

It was my first time cooking for such a huge group and I thought of preparing Aglio Olio for them. Most of the time, I cook for myself at home with this humble Thai Green Curry Spaghetti recipe.  With the limited kitchen space and also, nobody has cooked in this kitchen for the longest time, I am trusting that my dinner will turn out well. It may seem like a simple recipe but it requires precise control over the heat and timing to prevent the spaghetti from being overcooked yet still infused with the flavours of mushroom and garlic.


Do not rub your eyes. I repeat, do not even touch your eyes!

I have an awesum friend who sacrificed his fingers by helping me to prepare the chilli padi and mincing up cloves of fresh garlic.  It was a tedious process as it was his time helping out in the kitchen.  It was supposed to be his surprise birthday celebration yet he “burnt” his fingers from the chilli’s heat.  Such a friend like this is really precious and definitely worth treasuring! 🙂


Let me sing a new song and let’s dance and clap along: Spaghetti No.5

Ta-da-dum-dee-dum… Spamming lots of olive oil and some salt into the large pot of boiling spaghetti while waiting for it to cook.  This helps to prevent them from sticking together.  Having enough water also helps to prevent it from burning.


Eat your vege!!

Miss Dietitian asked where are the veggies in my Aglio Olio and I realized mushrooms are fungi and they do not belong to the family of vegetables.  Hence, she helped to prepare these white corn kernels for salad. Although the corn kernels looks paler in colour, it was surely sweet and juicy. Get yours from Farmland today! 🙂


Cooking in progress.

Ain’t we domesticated?  Washing the Romaine lettuce, peeling them, boiling eggs and cooking spaghetti.  Keeping the calm in the kitchen while actually we have a guitarist singing in the background and everyone was hungry with their stomach growling away. Oops… 😛

What a spread!

What a spread!

**Ding-ding!** Dinner’s ready! here’s my first batch of non-spicy Aglio Olio and salad waiting to be served.  Yes, I cook up some really tasty smoked bacon to complement the mushroom Aglio Olio. Yes! We have food coming out from a kitchen which nobody has cooked in the longest time. How awesome is this!

Eat this!

Slurping yummy! Are you hungry already?

Smoked bacon, mushrooms, garlic and olive oil is a sure a hit among almost everyone.  I was glad the Aglio Olio turned out fine but thought it could have been better as  quality control across the 3 separate batches and pan-frying them wasn’t easy.


Japanese-style Egg, Tofu and Corn Salad with Sesame Dressing

We couldn’t decide what to get for the salad earlier at the supermarket but seems like hard-boiled eggs, tofu, corn and cherry tomatoes went well with lettuce topped with Japanese sesame dressing.

Shhhhh…..we have a secret recipe!

What happens when we ran out of garlic?  We improvised and decided to do Carbonara instead! Miss Sous Chef chipped in to help as my arms were tired from frying the smoked bacon and 3 rounds of Aglio Olio.

One problem was Miss Dietitian realized we do not have cheese powder to thicken the sauce except for milk and eggs. I saw a biscuit tin nearby and decided to smash the lightly salted biscuit into crumbs to substitute the cheese. Thank God for wisdom and supply. 🙂

Cooking with Awesome Team Effort

Cooking with Awesome Team effort

Cooking became even more fun by getting friends to help! We’ve got Miss Oily Hands and Mr Guitarist to lend each of their hidden talent in the kitchen.


Presenting you…. the Delicious Carbonara!

It was really Awesome our Carbonara turned out very delicious! A few who doubt that my biscuit trick were proven wrong as nods  and thumbs up were received when served around.  Thank you everyone for helping in the kitchen not just cooking, but also the washing up part.

Doing life together with people whom I serve along with in DARE was great especially getting to see the other side of them outside of church and ministry.  Spending the night singing our hearts out, gunning down and blowing each other up in Halo 4, cleaning up the kitchen early in the morning because a large watermelon exploded.  It was really memorable and it is times that these which brings people together.

What is your most memorable experience doing life with friends? Do share them in the comment box below! 🙂

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