Why Praise A Dead Person?

Thought of the Day

A friend of mine left pondering on the topic of treasuring our loved ones before it is too late. Often, we are so busy with our life and we tend to be so stingy with positive words when it comes to appreciating people around. Shall we begin by telling them how much they mean to us and how deserving they are? Praising them with words which are true to your heart and not simply to flatter. Isn’t it too late when our loved ones has left us, lying there in the coffin at the memorial service then we start reading out the eulogy highlighting only the great things and moments spent with him or her?

It is never too late, never too important, never too cliché to meet or even to drop a text to your friend or loved one, telling them the words you wish to say from your heart and celebrate the person while he or she is still around.  What are words to you, could matter so much more to the other person. Don’t wait till the person has passed on to write an eulogy and only to start tearing halfway reading through to realize how much more things you wish to say, wish to do with that person. It will be too late by then.


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