Saturday Chillout @ Orchard Road: Sushi Dinner & Pedestrian Night

It was the first edition of Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road yesterday whereby a short stretch of the busy shopping belt of Singapore was close from 6pm to 11pm with free activities for the public to enjoy and be entertained. Hence, I asked a few friends out for sushi dinner followed by checking out what’s happening along Orchard Road.


Weekend dinner queue is at least a 20-minute wait

I introduced them this place called The Sushi Bar at Far East Plaza which serves quality Japanese cuisine at an affordable price.  The casual dining restaurant has been around for a while but seems like word has spread far and wide which resulted to a long queue of hungry diners waiting to fill their stomachs with mouth-watering sushi rolls and delectable sashimi.

3 kind sashimi ($14.90)

3 kind sashimi ($14.90)

When the sashimi was served, my eyes lighted up at the thickly sliced salmon, tuna and hamachi shimmering with freshness. Savouring each slice was akin to the feeling of heaven-on-earth within each bite.


California Maki ($8.90)

Pardon me as I know that California Maki is nowhere near authentic Japanese cuisine but it was simply irresistible to order when the table next to mine seems to be enjoying it.  Each thickly sliced maki came with a generous amount of roe spread across the surface of the pearl rice which burst with sweetness in the mouth.


Daikon Salad ($8.90)

I am clueless to why the Daikon Salad being a starter was served after the earlier two dishes but it was a delight to the eyes with vibrant colours of different ingredients. Don’t the crispy bits on the top right reminds you of yusheng during Chinese New Year?


Salmon Aburi ($14.90)

These oh-so-awesome Salmon Aburi rolls taste as great as they look.  Salmon and avocado wrapped within topped with a generous slice of lightly torched salmon. Without hesitating, I took a piece, munched on it and let the magic work with exciting flavours flying all around in my mouth. This is so good I can have it all by myself! 😛

Ebi Fry Salmon Aburi

Ebi Fry Salmon Aburi ($16.90)

Quite similar to the previous Salmon Aburi but instead, wrapped within is an prawn tempura. It adds a crunch factor especially the part where the head is. This is a MUST ORDER when you visit The Sushi Bar. 🙂

Although their service needs to be improved, I’m not complaining as their prices are reasonable and the food was quite good.  No wonder they have been here for a while and expanded not long ago with the renovation.

Disclaimer: This is a non-invited review and opinions are based on author’s own.


Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road

It was already 9pm when we were done with our dinner and we headed to the area outside Tangs where the stretch of Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road begins.  No vehicles were allowed on the road as it has been completely blocked off and we even joked that you can lie down an sleep in the yellow box. Super like the photo above!! Don’t you think it is poster worthy? HAHA!

Tennis performers

Tennis performers

We were hilariously entertained by two ladies playing air tennis and the referee shouting random nonsensical fouls.  It left us puzzled about what they were doing but I reckon it is to draw the crowd for them to distribute marketing materials for BNP Paribas WTA Finals taking place in Singapore later part of the month.

Tennis games with the little ones

Tennis games with the little ones

Children start young these days to pick up the game of tennis and they pitted their mettle with some of tennis coaches!

Live band performance

Live band performance

The road was categorized into a few zones and in the next zone, there was a live band pumping up the crowd with popular rock songs. Sadly, we only caught a couple of their songs and it ended at 9.30pm.  If we had arrive earlier, we could have caught other bands such as Jack and Rai.

Cheering ourselves up, we went over to Orchard Central to get some ice-cream from Cold Stone Creamery.


Chendol Gula Melaka ($8.50) ice cream

I wanted to have one of my favourite ice-cream on their list of signature creations but one of their classic special, Chendol Gula Melaka, drawn my attention to it.  Filled with chendol jelly, coconut cream and atap seed, half a scoop of gula melaka ice-cream was really mind-blowing.

They had other classic flavours too like red bean, coconut kaya, and sweet corn I have to try in my next visit. We felt so blissful having the ice-cream and fun conversations which concluded our night hanging out at Orchard Road.  What a super awesome night just chilling out with kingdom friends and doing life together! 😀

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