In Conclusion of N.E.mation! 7 Final Production Phrase & Prize Winner Announcement

After the N.E.mation! 7 Wrap Party featured in my previous blog entry, both my teams “We Want To Go To USA” and “OneMinute” shared their thoughts as they were overwhelmed with mixed emotions.  Some of them let out a sigh of relief while some can’t bare to part with their team mates after slogging together for 3 weeks from morning till night of up to 14 hours a day at Nanyang Polytechnic.

In this blog entry to conclude the final production phrase for N.E.mation! 7 on 7th December, I got to hear from them as they share their valuable  thoughts with me.


Team 8: We Want To Go To USA with their teacher, Mrs Goh, 2nd from left.

According to Mrs Goh, said said “No words can describe the last 17 days, the students have been awesome!”  It definitely was as the entire team worked hard together through thick and thin.

Frances (2nd from right) shares about her personal thoughts about N.E.mation!

“Being such an eventful time, it was sad when it came to an end. Knowing that we may not see each other (talking about the new friends I made) until next year (in Feb for the final results) and maybe never after that is really something that stuck me.  Though, when the Wrap Up Party came which was the highlight if day, everything was put out of my mind and I had fun.

The competition was something I’d cherish. Though we stayed up so late every night which deprived us from our sleep, I personally never will regret the experience. Experiencing the way of life a typical Singaporean would go through everyday especially being exposed to the food limitations was something a student my age would rarely go through.


It taught me to work well with my team mates and giving in to their suggestions and opinions lets me accept the fact that in life, there would always be people better than you. It’s just the way things are. Patience was something I learned to treasure. There are times when I feel so angry with my team mates and instructor especially when they criticise my hard work. Hard truth but fact of life. 🙂 I keep telling myself that if I go to USA this would all pay off.  Having said all these, USA is just a bonus. Come to realise it, the friends I got to know and closer too would be one of the best in my life and seeing your own animation clip on TV would already give me the satisfaction I need. I’m glad to be in the competition and I do hope that I can participate again next year.”


Team 4: OneMinute with their seniors who participated in past series of N.E.mation!

 OneMinute shares about her personal thoughts about N.E.mation!

“To be honest, at first, we were not very sure of the importance of this competition. We had mixed feelings when we first got into the top 100 as it was actually our first time getting in. Then, we had some briefings and made some preparations for our first pitch that we had to present two days after the briefings. The pitch went quite well and we started to find this whole thing really interesting because it was just like an audition and sixty teams had to be eliminated from the top 100.

It was very competitive. We found ourselves beginning to look forward to each and every new day of the one week selection, curious to what we would do and come up with on each day. Also, as days past, we got to know many more instructors, and of course we got the hang of this competition really quickly. The instructors were all really nice people who showered us with care and love. So, we managed to get into the top 40, top 20 and after so many days zoomed past, it was Saturday, the time for our super pitch for the top 20 came. Ten groups would have to be eliminated, leaving behind the other half whom can then proceed on to the production phase from 19 November – 7 December.


We got into the top 10 and the joy and elation that we felt was something not everyone could experience and we all felt really lucky to be able to feel it. On the last day of the one week selection, we were all really emotional because we could not bear to leave the people and instructors (especially Mr Alvin) till the production phase after spending such a wonderful one week with all of them. It was filled with fun, laughter and tears. The instructors comforted us by saying that we would be able to spend time with them again for three weeks but we were all still feeling quite down.

During the production period, the instructors and the other nine groups made us feel like we were at home. The tent was so warm and cozy that we treated it like our second home. Of course, all good things have to come to an end and time flew past really quickly. Unknowingly, three weeks of production was over. We did not know whether to feel happy that we finally completed our work, or to feel sad that we would not be able to go back to the NYP Lounge any more. On the last day, we were all having mixed feelings and we felt very empty because there was nothing to look forward to. Also, we would miss the instructors a lot as they are really awesome people who made our production period so memorable. However, we try making ourselves feel better by saying that we would keep in touch with them. We are really thankful to the instructors who have helped us come this far. We really really loved this whole process and we want to experience it again if possible.”


They have completed their animation clip and the final 1-minute clip will be shown on both Youtube and television in January 2013 so do keep a lookout for them!  Voting of their videos will commence in January 2013 too and the champion team gets to fly to USA.

For now, please “Like” their Facebook link to show your support for “We Want To Go To USA” and “OneMinute” .  Thank you so much on their behalf! 🙂

========== UPDATE ==========


We Want To Go To USA was announced the overall winner from the points given by the judges for their original animation and votes garnered from online voting and social media! They were presented air tickets to USA by Defence Minister, Dr Ng.


I’m really glad to be this team’s ambassador and lending for them in all of the online and social media voting for them to be flying to the USA! Thank you all of you who have voted for them and I’m sure they will be learning a lot from the creative animators over at Pixar Studios!

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