Take on the Comprehensive Eye Examination at Better Vision + Blog Giveaway!

For those who are wearing spectacles or contact lenses, I’m sure your optician have done an eye examination for you to determine the power and type of lens that is suitable for you.  However, did you know that there is a comprehensive eye examination for a more accurate assessment?

Known as BVAX 12, there are 12 steps the friendly eye care professionals will guide each of their customer through which is part of a service promise available only at Better Vision.

(Read on more to find out about the BVAX 12)

Click on the photo to read more about BVAX 12.  The various eye tests are able to find out more about your optical health so the eye care professionals can recommend you with the most optimal lenses for your visual correction.  The whole process shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes but it is well worth the time as you will be wearing the pair of spectacles or contact lens for many months and years to come.

Over here, a friendly and patient eye care professional is conducting an eye test for fellow blogger, Ruiting.  The whole eye test process will take about 10 to 15 minutes.

Don’t forget to check out their new range of new SuperDry and Be@rbrick range of spectacle frames.  Some of them look really nice and stylish.

Blog Giveaway Time!!

I have a goodie bag from Better Vision containing $200 worth of vouchers to use on any Spectacle Frames or/and Ophthalmic Lenses!

It can be yours in 3 simple steps:-

  1. Be a fan of CalvinTimo.com Facebook Page
  2. Comment below with your Facebook Name
  3. Name me 1 of the steps in BVAX 12!

(Contest closed)

Congratulations Sue Fang !! You will be contacted via email to collect the prize.

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