Food Review: Enjoy a Sky High Dining Experience @ Stellar at 1-Altitude

Won’t it be nice to indulge on a glass of pre-dinner aperitifs at the exclusive Stellar VIP area with a spectacular 360-degree views of Singapore before being seated at the award-winning Stellar at 1-Altitude?  With the recently launched Stellar Experience, you will be able to pamper yourself and your loved ones with a 4,5 or 6-course tasting menu from a selection of 12 signature and new Stellar creations by 1-Rochester Group Executive Chef Christopher Miller.

The Stellar Experience ranges from $95++ per person for 4-course), $120++ for 5-course) to $140++ per person for 6-course and I was thrilled to be invited to experience it at the private dining room which can comfortably seat up to 12 guests.  However, this room is only open for reservations with a minimum expenditure so do enquire in advance with the restaurant.

It was a cool and breezy evening to be up at level 62, the highest point of 1-Altitude bar and gallery, sipping champagne and catching up with friends on ‘The Edge’, the new designer origami-inspired pop-up bar at 1-Altitude Gallery & Bar.  That’s the life, you would say but it is only the start to the Stellar Experience.

I love the relaxing atmosphere with ambiance lighting and ‘live’ jazz band performing in the background.  Seems like a perfect chill-out spot up in the sky.

Here’s the view of the night cityscape of Singapore from up here and it was definitely stunning like a diamond, with sparkling and shimmering lights from our infrastructures illuminating the sky.

Of course, the view of our Marina Bay Waterfront with our iconic Singapore Flyer, ArtScience Museum and Marina Bay Sands towards the south.  What a beautiful sight!

This is a 180-degree view from level 62 of Stellar at 1-Altitude.  Click on it for an enlarged view!

Complimentary Amuse bouche of bread loaf and bread sticks were served before the start of the meal.  Besides the usual balsamic vinegar in olive oil and butter, a platter consisting their special eggplant and cod fish dips were served which goes nicely side by side with the freshly toasted warm bread.

Here comes the dishes of the tasting menu which you can select from to create your own Stellar Experience.  The newly created dishes are created to tell a story designed by Executive Chef Chris Miller.

First to arrive on my table is the  Smoked Eel served on baby potatoes topped with robust sea urchin sauce.  On the other side, the fluffy mash-like cod brandade topped with capers.  It wasn’t very fantastic but I thought it was interesting as the dish tells of a tale of two fishes presented in two different ways.

Personally, I enjoyed Duck And It’s Nest the most for the night.  It has an interesting name and the presentation was meticulously done.  It was so decadent to sink my tooth into the Semolina crusted foie gras.  Next to it, the duck and quince rillettes was so tasty and it goes along very well eaten with the crispy corn fritter.  I enjoyed this very much and wish for another serving!

My most memorable dish of the night, the Oyster White Gazpacho was mind blowing.  The oysters were so fresh and accompanied with the pomegranate and mint leaves, it was an explosion of flavour in my mouth.  On top of that, we were suppose to dip a drip of tomato essence onto our tongues before savouring the awesome gazpacho.  Oh, did I mention the tiger prawns seasoned with citrus jus and pistachio bits which tasted very  juicy and uplifting?  However, this maybe an acquired taste for some who may find the taste of gazpacho overpowering.

This Sri Lankan Crab ‘Japonaise’ interprets the use of crabs to create 3 different items with a Japanese touch to it.  It was certainly a feast for the eyes even with the simple and minimal use of garnishing.

What caught my eye the most was the Crab and enoki pannacotta which was so cute! It looks like the crab is trying to protect on the crab roe.  The question on everyone’s mind is that, are we suppose to eat the crab up?  I couldn’t bear to bring myself to place that tiny crab into my mouth and eat it whole but oh boy, it was very crunchy!  The enoki pannacotta went along well with the crab roe so I have no complaints about it.

Next, the Swordfish and crab maki topped with white miso was my favourite among the 3 items.  The sweet and salty combination accompanied with the droolicious white miso, I couldn’t ask for more.  By the way, Stellar at 1-Altitude has a popular sushi section for those who wants a variety of food besides just modern European cuisine.

Lastly, this Crab and truffle omelette which I find it a little lacking besides that slice of black truffle on it.  After taking a few bites, I felt like I was falling from heaven to earth with a smacking flat onto my face.

For those with a ferocious appetite, you may add on $15 to highen your Stellar Experience.  Created with an Mediterranean touch, this Victorian Lamb has been poached till the texture becomes succulent without the gamy taste.  One would thought that he is eating pork if given a blind test.  The lamb is served alongside with Jerusalem artichoke puree which adds another dimension of taste to the tender saddle of lamb.  I was wishing for a slice of pita bread to go along with the Imam Bayeldi (braised eggplant stuffed with onion, garlic and tomatoes, simmered in olive oil) and Egyptian dukka which has an rich overall flavour.

Lastly, the 1-Caramel Experience with 5 different desserts was not only a feast to the eyes but also a delightful end to the meal.  However, you can only receive the same number of desserts for the number of guests dining,  For example, if you’re dining with 2 other friends, you get to choose only 3 desserts.  If 5 and above are dining together, you receive all 5!

From the left, there was the the Cold Lime SouffleCaramel crème brulee, dulce leche ice cream and Baked Alaska.

There is also the Vanilla pannacotta, mango granite and Valrhona chocolate bomb.

I am not exactly a fan of such sweet desserts so my preference goes to the Cold Lime Souffle which is full of zest.  However, it may be too sour for those with a sweet tooth.

Are these delicious new creations by Executive Chef Christopher Miller already causing you to drool involuntarily to try the Stellar Experience at 1-Altitude for yourself?


  • 1-Altitude
  • 1 Raffles Place
  • Singapore 048616

* For more details on the opening hours, dress code and regulations, do visit

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