I’ve completed my 1st New Balance Real Run!

Yay! I’ve completed my first ever New Balance Real Run and it was certainly an experience.  Although it was only 10km which was an easy feat for me, I’m doing it more for fun and of course, to challenge myself to an unique running experience.  For those who do not know,  there were a 2km trail and 1.5km sand terrain to run on for both 10km and 21km routes.

Together with other 6,500 runners which consist of members from HomeTeamNS and the public, we gathered at Changi Exhibition Centre before daybreak to prepare ourselves for the run.  Our fellow National Serviceman from various units such as Civil Defence and Police were there to participate in the run too.

Before the flag off for the 21km run, I was at the start line to catch a glimpse of professional runners warming up.  They look like they are all ready to break the world record!

Guest of Honour, Mr Massagos Zulkifli, Senior Minister of State and President of HomeTeamNS was there to flag off both 21km and 10km run.

Before the start of each run, pretty instructors from Pilates Fitness were there to conduct warm up for the participants.  How thoughtful of the organizers to boost the morale of the runners!

I didn’t expect myself to hit the 2km terrain near the start of the run.  I seems that this dirt track is frequently used by motorcross bikers and it was my first time running here.

There were some water puddles on the terrain from the rain earlier in the morning but it did not stop the other runners from completing the run.

Besides running on dirt track, there were pebbles too!

Running on the road was a breeze in the cool morning weather.  It definitely beats struggling through dirt and pebbles.

However, my happiness wasn’t for long and I have 1.5km of beach route to conquer.

Running on sand wasn’t easy as I saw some runners trip and fell.  However, the spirits of other runners helping each other up motivated me to push on and complete this 1.5km stretch of beach run.

It was lightly drizzling when I ran back to the finishing point and I thought it was just in time to cool myself down.  Some of the veteran runners in their 60’s also did this run and I hope I can be as fit as them when I hit their age.

Overall, it was a great experience attempting the New Balance Real Run with a good number of water points nicely spaced out at an average of 2.5km each.  There were plenty of water and 100plus to go around but I dislike some of the behavior of motivators appearing slack and lifeless along the route.  Those secondary school kids seem clueless and looks like they were being dragged out from bed on a Sunday morning.

Finally, congratulations to all the fellow runners who have completed the 10km and 21km New Balance Real Run and hopefully for those who have not participated in this run before join next year for an ultimate off terrain adventure!

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