Are you ready for the New Balance Real Run 2012?!

Tomorrow will be my first time ever attempting the New Balance Real Run 2012, an ultimate X-terrain challenge.  In less than 15 hours, the run will be flagging off at 6.30am (21km) and 7am (10km) at Changi Exhibition Centre.  What’s exciting (or challenging) is that both running routes will feature a 2km run on off-road trail and 1.5km run on sand.

Accompanying me will be this cool and stylish New Balance Ex2 901 heart rate monitor watch.  With it, I will be able to keep track of my distance, heart beat, lap time and many more functions which I’ve yet to explore!

I’ll be Tweeting and Instagram-ing throughout my run and you can follow me at @CalvinTimo for updates tomorrow morning.  For those who are taking part in this New Balance Real Run, see you tomorrow at the starting point!  Don’t forget to make necessary arrangements for transport too as the traffic will be congested.

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