Five New Horror Trails awaits you at Sentosa Spookactular this Halloween!

Sentosa Spooktacular, Singapore’s largest Asian horror fest, returns this Halloween 2012 for another instalment to scare the living daylights out of thrill-seekers who dare venture into Fort Siloso.  Yes, this historic attraction with a grisly history peppered with urban legends and has a dark reputation of haunting will be open to the public on October 19 and 20, and 26 to 28, from 7pm to 11pm.

For the very first time in Singapore’s Halloween history, Fort Siloso will be transformed into a Netherworld with 200 Asian supernatural entities in five new Horror Trails such as Ouija Board, Camp Berhantu, Deadly Doll Studio, The Land of Lost Souls and The Last Sequel, to retell their hair-raising accounts of bloody murders, painful tortures and tragic deaths.

I was at the media preview of Sentosa Spooktacular and the journey into the Netherworld began at the Sentosa Express Station at VivoCity as well as the cob-web covered Ghost Rider Bus or Tram at the Beach Station with non-human passengers hitching a ride at the same time with us.  Read on to find out my journey and some of the attractions in the horror trails you can look forward to!

At the entrance of Fort Siloso, the entire scene was set when Singapore was back in the 1950’s as this Halloween aims to bring back the life of the Asian folklore we grew up with.  Tunes of olden Chinese songs can be heard along with talents dressed up in costumes of yesteryears with a ghostly twist, of course.

Do you want to dance cha-cha or a-go-go with her? :p

Not all ghosts are that friendly looking especially this one which looks like Lady Gaga.  Instead of being at The Edge of Glory, she will chase after you like a Paparazzi and scream like a Heavy Metal Lover!  Fellow blogger Ying Zi got frightened Speechless after that.

Look!  Even the push-cart stores are decorated and manned  by original spirits of the once-existing hawkers back in those days.  There will be stores offering devilishly delicious snacks such as dim sum and beverages, getai singers, to spook stores as well as tikam tikam.

During certain intervals of the night, these ghostly entertainers will literally let their hair down and dance to popular songs like “Party Rock Anthem” and “Gangnam Style”!  Don’t miss it because it is very hilarious and definitely one of the highlights you have to catch.

Ghouls from different cultures and folklores are out for a party so don’t be alarmed when you see this green evil goblin together with Sadako and jiang shi (Chinese vampire).

Did I mention, there is a world of Thai ghosts too.  I had lots of fun with this sexy Thai transsexual at the door and you will have to come it to find out yourself!   The concept of Thai ghosts are indeed refreshing as this is my first time experiencing this in a Halloween ghostly set up.  There are ghostly Thai monks, flight stewardess and Muay Thai boxers too.

Is anyone in need of an organ transplant? :X

Seems like there’s a party going on at the cemetery! :O

Only the king in the olden Chinese days can wear this colour of robe which is a colour of royalty.  Was this concubine imprisoned for donning the king’s robe? :/

Look who’s that?  Do you dare enter the Deadly Doll Studio?

There is no turning back after you entered it.

Who’s real and who’s just a mannequin?  You will find out.

If you’re still alive after visiting the earlier horror trails, determine your fate at the Ouija Board.

After reading about it, are you game enough to visit Fort Siloso for Sentosa Spooktacular this Halloween?

Be prepared for what awaits you… You won’t want your fate to end up like this group of youths.

For more information about Sentosa Spooktacular and ticket pricing, do visit the official website at or their Facebook page at

* More photos of this event can be found on Facebook Page!

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