Feast with Xin Wang’s Wee Owls Till 4am + Blog Giveaway!

Great news for all you wee owls out there!  13 out of 16 Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe outlets islandwide have extended extend their operating hours till 4am daily!  Which means, you can hang out with your family and friends for supper savouring on a variety of food dishes on their menu that was revamped recently.

What’s more, Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe will be launching a “Spot the Wee Owls” contest on their Facebook Page for four days throughout the month – 14th Oct, 20th Oct, 26th Oct and 1st Nov!  All you have to do is to visit any of the five selected Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe outlets on every contest day from 12am to 4am, snap a photo with the  Xin Wang Wee Owls cozying up in the restaurant and post it up on Xin Wang’s Facebook Page.

Who know you might be 1 of the 3 lucky winners chosen each day with a total of 12 winners throughout the 4 days of the contest!  Each winner will receive an Exclusive Limited Edition Xin Wang Wee Owls Membership Card so stay tuned to Xin Wang’s Facebook Page for the 5 selected outlets set to be announced the day before each contest day!

Planning to have late night supper this weekend?  Check out some of the selections available at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe!

For a light hearty snack, do try the crispy Beancurd Skin Prawn Roll ($4.50) which has a golden brown outer layer coated with sesame.  Once you bite into it, you will be craving for another one.

If white rice is too plain for your liking, try the piping hot Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf ($4.50) which is wrapped in the fragrant lotus leaf with juicy minced meat stuff in the center.

How about the HK Steamed Chinese Sausage ‘N’ Mushroom Bamboo Rice ($7.80) instead with a generous serving of delicious Chinese sausage?

For something homecooked, give this Chye Poh Omelette ‘N’ Chicken Floss Dry Noodles ($7.80) a try which is unique.

My top favourite for the night, this Sliced Fish Egg Hor Fun ($9.80) is definitely highly recommended.  It has the essence of “wok hei” from an old school cooked food store.  The serving was generous too with fresh slices of fish without a strong ginger taste like some of the place I’ve tried.

If you’re craving for something hearty, this delightful Chicken in a Basket (3pcs – $8.80, 5pcs – $14.50, 7pcs – $19.80) will make you want to polish up every bit of it.  Under those golden brown crisp, lies chunks of juicy meat which is so good makes me want to crave for more at this very moment.

They have Western items on the menu too such as this Pork Chop ‘N’ French Fries ($8.80) and Chicken Chop Cream Sauce Spaghetti ($9.50).  After all, Hong Kong cafes are known for serving both Asian and Western dishes with history dating back to the British era in Hong Kong.

Looking for something sweet for supper?  These Japanese Rice Mochi with Crushed Peanuts ‘N’ White Sesame ($3.80) are little joy bites which can be shared around with your friends.

Not to be missed is their signature dessert, Mango Snow Ice ($6.90) which comes served in a huge mountain of ice, topped with a scoop of mango ice-cream and showered with lots of mango chunks!  This is certainly good value for money as 2 to 3 friend can share this dessert together.

So, still can’t decide where to have supper?  Why not pop by these 13 Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe outlets which opens till 4am?

  • Anchorpoint
  • Cathay Orchard Cineleisure
  • Changi Airport Terminal 3
  • Heartland Mall
  • Holland Village (newly opened!)
  • Marina Sqaure
  • Northpoint Shopping Centre
  • Springvale
  • Sun Plaza
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza
  • West Coast Plaza
  • White Sands Shopping Mall
  • Yew Tee Point

*** Blog Giveaway Time!!! ***

I am giving away $20 Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe dining vouchers + a mystery item from Japan to 1 lucky winner who comment below and tell me in less than 30 words which is your favourite item on the menu of Xin Wang and the reason why.  Contest ends on 17th October and the winner will be announced here!

Congratulations krystaldayys, you have won yourself a $30 Xin Wang Dining Vouchers and a Mystery Goodie Bag! :)

11 thoughts on “Feast with Xin Wang’s Wee Owls Till 4am + Blog Giveaway!

  1. I would like to try the BBQ Eel Hotpot Porridge. A bowl of hot, steaming porridge is the best companion in the wee hours of the morning!


  2. Hi Calvin! My fave food on Xin Wang’s Menu would be Almond paste with Tang Yuen:) It’s of the right thickness which I liked and it is served piping hot. Tried many times to recreate the almond paste which I’ve eaten at Xin Wang, but turned out to be failed attempts *sobs. Together with Iced YiZu Tea/Soda, it’s th best duo that I have after a long night run!



  3. Most Favourite Hated item on the menu should be fried dumpling? The “nine-vegetable” overwhelmed the fillings. I also once gotten mild-steamed bun. The rest of dishes are fine, I guess.


  4. Their cold milk-tea never fails to make me drool. To me, the taste is just different from the rest! A must have while hanging out and spending my night away!


  5. I love the crispy Beancurd Skin Prawn Roll. It’s always taste deliciously deep fried with a nice crispy texture. Perfect for dipping into a sweet salty chilli sauce and eaten with rice!


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