Samsung Smart Home makes the World Simpler, Smarter and More Connected

Have you ever dream to have a smart home suited with smart technology which enables your family to be connected no matter which part of the world you are?  With Samsung‘s latest range of devices, you can lead smarter digital lifestyles by sharing and experiencing content seamlessly among multiple devices, any time and anywhere.

Recently, Samsung has launched two new services with AllShare Cast and the ‘Live Chat’ feature in Family Story as part of Samsung’s convergence strategy to allow consumers the freedom to share, interact with, and access content across all their devices and with friends and family.  It is great to hear that there will no longer be barriers existing between each device and contents across Samsung products.

In the photo above, the son whom is studying abroad uploads a photo taken of his girlfriend with the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro through Family Story onto Samsung Smart TV and wants to share it with his dad in Singapore to view it.

Family Story allows families to store and share content through cloud-based storage where family members can share photos, create slide shows, post memos and schedule events which can be accessed anywhere through their smartphones, tablets, PCs and Samsung Smart TVs.  The ‘Live Chat’ feature can keep loved ones updated in real time on important events, upload photos and post messages privately.

His dad in Singapore accesses son’s photo via Family Story app on the 75in Samsung Smart TV (Series 9 ES9000), using a GALAXY Note 10.1 tablet as a remote controller.  Thanks to the AllShare Control feature, he can transform the smartphone or tablet into a mouse or keyboard to effortlessly access or navigate web storage on Smart TVs.  This feature also be used as a multi-device remote control for Samsung PC, robotic vacuum cleaner and Smart TV.

Over here, a photo taken with the Samsung GALAXY camera was shared immediately on the big screen via Samsung AllShare Play.  With a touch of the Instant Play button, users can access pictures, videos and music on their smartphones and display it on their Smart TV.

The convenience of AllShare Play allows contents to move between devices such as laptops, Smart TV, tablets or smartphones no matter where you as you can remotely access contents regardless of proximity.

With the Screen Mirroring function in Samsung AllShare Cast, users can wirelessly stream web pages, photos, videos, lessons, games, and more from their mobile devices to their TVs to share it with everyone in the room.

Using both the technology of AllShare Play and AllShare Control, you can even play Android games from your tablet or smartphone on a Smart TV using your smartphone as a controller!

With Samsung constantly innovating to be a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, they have committed to the philosophy to develop great user experience among their products designed to make the world simpler, smarter and more connected among their consumers while supporting an open ecosystem.

Upon stepping into this Smart Home, I felt like I have entered the future with these interactive and impressive technologies.  It made me see each products differently and will surely be looking forward for more to come.

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