Nespresso Launches a New Coffee Machine Designed for U

Nespresso recently launched an innovative coffee machine specially designed to deliver an ultimate coffee experience just for U.  Known as U, it spots a sleek and modular design for those who seek ultimate simplicity yet allowing you to create a perfect cup of espresso at home.  Equipped with sophisticated technology, it offers more convenience for coffee ritual as you can configure the machine depending on your mood and preference.

Nespresso hosted me and a group of bloggers for a refreshing and exciting event at Kam Leng Hotel over dinner prepared by LP+Tetsu a to announce the launch of U.  I was told that they will be revamping a few of the hotel rooms and fitting it with Nespresso U coffee machine, I could not wait to see how it will turn out. Read on to find out all the fun we had and how U can fit into your lifestyle.

Kam Leng hotel, situated along Jalan Besar is a nostalgic, boutique hotel established in 1927 which has survived World War 2.  Nobody knows the identity of the owner till today.  The hotel gave me a very warm, cosy feel when I step into it and I felt like I’ve been brought back into time.

What captures my attention the most is this spiral staircase which is rarely seen in modern architecture.  It is nice to see one renovated and kept so well till today after so many decades.

Before starting on our dinner, Irene Iatoa, Country Manager for Nespresso began with an opening speech and gave us a brief introduction of the new coffee machine.

From the exquisite table setting, all of us were anticipating the dinner line-up by LP+Tetsu to be served.  Starting off the meal was some pretty molecular bites.

The unforgettable French brioche with balsamic vinegar dip.

Looks like ice-cream but it was an interesting soup we had.

That’s my main course, pan-fried spring chicken with green asparagus, sweet potatoes and chicken juice.

So, where’s our dessert?  We were served this box and I was very hopeful that there will be a nice dessert in it!

Dang! Upon opening it, I saw this note which is a hint to haunt down where our dessert was.  Indeed, the person sitting beside me has the key to the hotel room where our first dessert was and so we went to the room number that was on the key!

Yes!  Here we are in our first room, which is designed to have a very retro American theme.

The room is so messy, I thought it must definitely be a guy’s room as I doubt girls will like reading the cranky and silly Beavis and Butt-head comics.

Finally, a pretty babe serving me with a tray of Chocolate Coffee Cake.

How nice to have it accompanied with a  freshly brewed coffee from Nespresso U with hazelnut topping.

After enjoying myself at the first room, we were brought to the second room which is designed by fellow blogger, Velda Tan.  It turns out to be my favourite room among all the others.

The black and white colour combination is simple and the decor was more sleek and minimalist compared to the first room.  I especially like the phrase on the wall which I closely live by it.

Isn’t the bed just so inviting?  The scent of vanilla aromatherapy just makes me want to stay in here for the night.

Our next dessert, Cherry White Chocolate Cake and a glass of Nespresso with French Rose Syrup.  Sweet sensations!

This room is supposed to be a design of a modern bachelor’s pad.  Look at the design and stuffs on the bed and think urban male.  *Ahem* Anyway, we have nice Pistachio Macaroon and Pina Colada Cake here.

Not forgetting, another cup of coffee with my favourite After 8 chocolate mints!

We visited this room which has a very oriental feel which looks like a nuptial room of a traditional newly-wed Chinese couple.

There’s a limited edition Jade Dragon box from Shanghai Tang beside the Nespresso U coffee machine!

Lastly, we visited this room which gives me a “Alice in Wonderland” feel.

Mad Hatter coffee party on the bed with Nespresso Pana Cotta, anyone? 🙂

I guess this is the fourth or fifth cup of coffee for that night.  However, this coffee is specially brewed using the Nespresso Limited Edition Crealto Grand Cru designed by Green Coffee Specialist, Alexis Rodriquez.  The Crealto has a rich aroma and lingering finish, achieved by using long roasting method blended entirely from washed Arabicas.

Is Little Red Riding Hood somewhere in this hotel?  With fluffy clouds handing in the room and hand drawn cartoon sketches on the wall, it sure gave a whimsical feel like entering a world of fairytale.

Concluding the night, we took a group photo of all the bloggers…

… and it was my pleasure to have a photo with Irene Iatoa, Country Manager for Nespresso. Do visit Nespresso website for updates on their products and don’t forget to check out U!  They have more recipes on what you can try with Nespresso coffee on their Facebook page too!

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