CalvinTimo’s Power-Up Smoothie with Tefal Blendforce Glass

Previously, the wonderful people at Tefal gave me 2 marvellous pans to play with and I cooked some delicious Chinese and Western food with it (you can read it here).  This time round, they are so generous to give me a Blendforce Glass Blender which is equipped with the unique Tripl’Ax Blade Technology for an ultimate blending experience!

Before I go into the technical aspect of this unique blender and why is it so different from the rest, let me show you what have I blended  with it.  I came up with my very own recipe called the “CalvinTimo’s Power-Up Smoothie” specially created with a balance diet in mind for busy people who are health conscious and are always on the go!

Read on to find out the ingredients for this recipe and how you can make this simple beverage at the comfort of your home. 🙂

The ingredients for “CalvinTimo’s Power-Up Smoothie” which serves 3 to 4 persons are:-

  • 1.5 glass of ice cubes
  • 1.5 glass of unsweetened soy milk (or milk based on your preference)
  • 2 green kiwis
  • 10 strawberries
  • 2 packs of roasted almond granola bars
  • 1 tablespoon of pollen honey

If you’re not into yucky blended vegetables, this combination sounds good, isn’t it?

Over here, I have taken out the leaves on the top of the strawberries and skin of the kiwi.  If you’re more particular about your source of nutrients, you can leave them on and blend it but don’t forget to wash the hairy skin of the kiwi thoroughly!

One special feature I love about this Tefal Blendforce Glass is the Secure Lock Safety System which does not allow you to start blending if the glass jar isn’t locked in place.  Small feature but very thoughtful indeed! 😉

Here we go, with all the ingredients in the blender and ready to begin blending!  One tip I have here is to put in the granola bars last as I don’t want it to be blended into bits so to give the smoothie some bits of crispy texture to chew on.  The sequence I added in the ingredients are:

  1. Ice cubes
  2. Soymilk
  3. Pollen Honey
  4. Strawberries
  5. Kiwis
  6. Granola Bars

On the other note, always pulse the blender 3 to 5 times to break the ice cubes into smaller bits before switching it to “1” or “2” power so the ice cubes will be more finely blended and for safety reasons.  After pulsing the blender, I switched it to power “1” for about 10 to 15 seconds as I don’t want my granola bars to be too finely blended.

There you go!  CalvinTimo’s Power-Up Smoothie is ready for you to be slurp down.  Perfect drink for a morning booster or anytime of the day.  When you’re too busy at work, slurp on it.  When you’re always on the go without any time to sit down for a meal, you can slurp on it too!  Now, $8 please for my glass of smoothie. 😛

Coming back to the blender, you must be wondering what’s with the fancy term, Tripl’Ax Blade Technology.  It is basically the 3 pairs of specially designed blades that provides 3 different actions all at one go to give you a quicker and more even blend.

Firstly, the pair of razor-sharp blades pointing upwards creates a cyclone booster effect which grantees a homogeneous preparation.  Secondly, the pair of blades point outwards gives you an extreme mixing effect to finely mix and crush all kinds of ingredients including ice cubes.  Lastly, the pair of blades pointing downwards is known as the chunks killer which ensure to chunks are left at the bottom of the jar.

This Tefal Blendforce Glass blender comes with a Wet & Dry Mill to help you blend your condiments without the need for tedious manual chopping and dicing.

That’s all for part 1 of my experience with Tefal Blendforce Glass, stay tuned to part 2 as I will be doing something really fun and different from this smoothie.  Oh, of you love my recipe, don’t forget to share it with your friends and comment below! 🙂 Don’t forget to vote for me too at for this Tefal contest!

For more info on Tefal Blendforce Glass, visit their website at

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