Celebrate Mid-Autumn with Mini Snowskin Mooncake from Xin Cuisine

Mid-autumn festival is just around the corner and in about two weeks time, we will be sitting under the round moon with our family and friends, munching on mooncakes, sipping tea and carrying lanterns.  Well, at least that was what I did when I was younger but unfortunately, not many of us practice this tradition anymore of celebrating mid-autumn.

If you haven’t got your mooncakes yet or intending to buy some mooncakes for mid-autumn giftings , you can consider Mini Snowskin Mooncake from Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant.  They have 6 unique flavours for you to choose, which of them will satisfy the craving of your sweet tooth.  Read on to find out what’s in them!

Champagne Chocolate & Pandan Lotus Paste, how does it sound?  The mildly champagne flavour together with the chocolate accompanied by the fragrant of the pandan lotus paste is simply irresistible.

Although I’m a fan of rum and raisin, this Rum and Raisin Chocolate & Chinese Red Dates mini snowskin mooncake is definitely not my thing as I got turned off by the strong taste of Chinese red dates and the rum and raisin is almost non-existential.

Don’t be mistaken, that little dark brown spots isn’t red bean.  There are the Black Truffle, Walnut & White Lotus Seed Paste in it.  I like how this mooncake juxtapose between traditional and modern fillings.  This is one of my favourite and coincidentally, it is in green, my favourite colour.

If you’re a floral person who loves tropical fruit, this Lavender Chocolate & Chempedak Lotus Paste has an uplifting scent of lavender within the chocolate and has a fruity aftertaste of chempedak.  I can feel myself so close to nature.

This one just taste weird to me.  Soursop & Chocolate Crunch just don’t go well with each other.  Imagine sour for a moment and the next, creamy with the pink snowskin.  I just find it very bizarre for such a combination!

Lastly, this Durian Paste flavour isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but hey it is only very mild and you can consider giving it a try.  For durian lovers out there, this will definitely be a disappointment.  It’s neither D24 or Mao Shan Wang.

Each of these flavour of Mini Snowskin Mooncake are available until 30th September 2012 in boxes of 6 pieces at $48.  For enquiries, you can call them at (65) 6731 7173.  Orders can be made via fax at (65) 732 3337 or email mooncake@hiatrium.com.


  • Holiday Inn Atrium
  • 317 Outram Road, Level 4
  • Singapore 169075

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