Nando’s Singapore is Spicing Things Up With New Menu, Loyalty Card & Collaboration!

A while ago, Nando’s Singapore hosted a media session at their branch at I12 Katong with a mock up TV set titled “Tonight With Nando’s” which local comedian, Chua Enlai hosting the show for the night.  Guests who appeared on the set for that night includes CEO of Nando’s Singapore and Malaysia, Mac Chung Lynn, mascot of Nando’s, Barci and local fashion designer, Keith Png.

It was a night of fun as Chua Enlai tickled us endlessly with his jokes and poking fun of the guests.  With so much fun and laughter, we can’t forget the food too as he slowly introduce a series of new items on Nando’s menu.  As to why Keith Png is one of the guest, you have to read on to find out for yourself as he is the one who really heated things up for the night!

Nando’s mascot, Barci, a black chicken from South Africa made it appearance with his translator, who did all the talking for him.  However, his appearance was a short one as he needed to go to the loo.

Here’s Keith Png who announced a collaboration with Nando’s!

Which is what you see here worn by the models, a Limited-Edition Nando’s x Keith Png Unisex Boxer Shorts!  It is available in two quirky and cheeky designs which can be purchased at $15 with any order of a Peri-Peri Chicken Meal and Bottomless Soft Drink (unlimited free refill of soft drinks at $4.20).

Here’s Chua Enlai showing his “cock” to Keith Png.  All of us got a shock for a while!

As mentioned earlier, Nando’s has some new additions to their current menu.  One of which is this Altogether Now which is a combination of the popular “appeteasers”.  It has a Spicy Mixed Olives, Roasted Vegetable Dip, Peri-Peri Hummus and Warm Pita which makes a great appetizer to share while waiting for your chicken to be ready.

I particular enjoyed the Peri-Peri Hummus which gave the classic dish a twist with a tangy spice.  It was so simple but such pleasure to have it with the warm pita on a hungry stomach.

There is also a healthy addition, the Algarve Salad which has a good mix of rocket, leafy greens, mixed peppers, roasted cashew nuts, marinated sundried tomato and feta cheese.  This salad indeed taste very healthy which makes a good option to have it by itself or to share.

Can’t decide between chicken or healthy salad?  Nando’s Chicken Wrap have your problem solved!  Fresh greens and succulent chicken wrapped together but I dislike the wrap which was very thick and it feels like chewing on a stack of tissue paper.

When you place the various hotness of Nando’s Chicken in a platter, you get a Wing Roulette. From Lemon and Herb to Extra Hot, you won’t know which one you will be sinking your teeth into when you pick it up.  Challenge your friend to this and see who’s the survivor!  I think I tried the Extra Hot chicken and it was really hot for me.

Portuguese isn’t just famous for their peri-peri but also for their Portuguese Egg Tarts.  Yes, it is just a name as “Portuguese” Egg Tarts does not origin from Portugal but it is created by a British named Andrew Stow who then later opened a Andrew Bakery in 1989 in Macau’s Coloane Island.  So, why are these Portuguese Egg Tarts doing here?  They were soft, cold and soggy and the cinnamon powder didn’t help at all.

Their recently launched Nando’s Loyalty Card will allow you to enjoy a lifetime of Peri-vileges.  Members can use it to earn Peri-Points which can be redeemed for freebies.  All you have to do is to purchase a welcome pack at $10 that will include your VIP card, a Nando’s key chain and a welcome drink.  For more information on the loyalty card, visit

I also took a lot of photos with the other bloggers at the “Tonight With Nando’s” media event.  We had so much fun with the props provided for us to play with!  Keith Png was so friendly to have a photo with us too.

Shhhh…. I am going to assassin Barci out of love!

Oh watch out!  Evil blogger William is trying to catch us.  Thankfully, Barci is here to protect us from being catch away!

Barci is so silly and adorable even when I want to knock him out so I can BBQ a giant Nando’s Chicken for dinner! 😛

*More photos on Facebook Page!

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