Sentosa Celebrates its 40th Anniversary with a Month of Events!

This September, it is Sentosa’s 40th Anniversary and they are inviting you to join them in a month of fun-filled excitement with programs specially lined up till the end of the month!  Program highlights include the Sentosa Buskers Festival 2012The Merlion Grand FinaleSandy Treasures at Beach Plaza and the Sentosa 40th Anniversary Exhibiton which you must visit as it brings back memories of the past of our little sunny island.

On 1st September, I was invited to Sentosa’s 40th Birthday Celebration at Palawan beach where I tweeted saying that there were 2 ice slides and sculptures by the beach.  Trust me, I wasn’t lying about having ice on the beach as some had asked me in disbelief.  Read on to find out for yourself and all the fun we had together with the little ones!

Here are the giant ice blocks staging the venue for the scene for the event but this is not the main attraction.  However, they are real ice and it was very cold standing next to it on a sunny and hot Saturday noon.  All these ice are said to be able to last a day and I can’t imagine how everything will look by the end of the day.

Look at all these little ones queuing up excitedly!  Most of them of precious boys and girls of daddy and mummy bloggers.  Seems like they can’t wait to be in the first in queue.

There they are, queuing up for their turn to play with the ice slide!  This small 5 meters are more suitable for toddlers.

Over here, there is a 8 meters ice slide for children below 12 years old.  The slide isn’t as steep as the 5-meter one and some of the kids got stuck on the way down.

However, with a little push from their daddy and mummy, the little ones had lots of fun!

Ice train express!  I thought it was literally very cool athough it can’t take me anywhere, I still boarded it! 😛

Besides chilling with the ice blocks in the shade, the children had tons of fun out there in the inflated castle!

Face painting were available for the kids too.

Here’s me wishing Sentosa a Happy 40th Anniversary!  You have brought tons of joy, fun, laughter and memories all these years!

For the month long of activities and programs happening at Sentosa, do check out their website at: or scan the QR code below to your mobile phone.

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