Kiseki, Japanese Buffet For Gluttony Sumo Wrestlers!

Alright, I was just kidding about the title but when you are at a Japanese buffet, won’t you go for endless rounds of food and eat your fill?  That is, provided the restaurant offers at least decent quality food and after trying the food at Kiseki Japanese Restaurant, I must say that although there were some hits and miss like most buffet restaurants, I enjoyed some of the items.

Previously located at the basement of Hereen, it has shifted over to level 8 of Orchard Central a few months ago.  I was there on Friday evening for dinner and there was a queue outside waiting to be seated so it is always better to make reservations in advance or you will have to wait at the entrance for a while.

Being my first time here, what puzzles me was some of my friend return to Kiseki, not once but twice for their buffet.  Read on to find out what’s on the buffet spread!

Upon entering the restaurant, what caught my eye was the open concept kitchen at the center of the buffet line of cooked food.  I like this concept as you will not only be able to feast with your stomach but also see how your food is prepared à la minute for items that requires you to place order.  Fortunately, the restaurant is properly ventilated so I did not reek of oil.

When seated at your table, there are paper clips with your table number.  For items that requires ordering, you just have to clip it to the label and wait for the waiters to serve it to you once ready.  Looks like the Teppanyaki Beef  Cubes is a popular choice which is why so many tables ordered it!

Here comes the beef cubes served with onion flakes.  I tried it first without the onions and it has a strong beefy taste with a tough texture which I didn’t like.  Then, I ate it with the onion flakes which help to get rid of the beefy aftertaste but the texture is still very tough to the bite.

I didn’t like the previous one and was introduced to another beef dish, the Black Pepper Ribeye Steak which was more tender and flavoursome with some pinkish bits in it.

Another dish that got my attention is the Black Japanese Curry.  Don’t be disgusted by the looks of it as it tasted similar to the normal Japanese curry but with a bit more salty.  My guess was that squid ink was added to create this colour and to give it a more robust flavour.  I quite like this and it goes well with a piping hot bowl of Japanese rice.

One of my favourite, the Yaki Tori sure stands up the most compared to both Pork Belly and Shitake Mushrooms I’ve tried.  Charcoal grilled, it has a nice, brown char on the outer surface which gives it a smokey aroma while the inside is tender and juicy.  As for the 2 others, they were too salty for me with the excessive marinate.

Look at those sexy claws and legs, there were fresh and juicy Snow Crabs too but I wish they were thicker and bigger in size.  You will understand why after revealing the meat within this crustacean.

There were a variety of tempura dishes to snack on like the Ebi Tempura, Soft Shell Crab Tempura and Broccoli Tempura.  I like the Ebi Tempura as the batter remained crispy even it was cold.

There is a dessert section too with ice-cream, cakes, jelly, fruits and chocolate fondue but I was attracted to the waffles lying on a heated panel to keep it warm.  Unlike most airy waffles, this was firm and dense to the bite.  You can top it off with strawberry or maple sauce too.

There are more than 200 items on the buffet line at Kiseki and the items will be rotated on a regular basis as well as different items on weekdays and weekends for lunch and dinner.

There was a spread of fresh seafood selection to whet your appetite.

Inclusive of a variety of sashimi and sushi which you will be spoiled for choices.  I have to say the sashimi are fresh even though it is a buffet.  I particularly like the Tuna Tataki that is lightly seasoned with Japanese dressing!

As well as cold soba and salad to cool yourself from the humid weather.

There are also a variety of cooked dishes like the teriyaki chicken wings and wasabi prawns.  I quite like the wasabi prawns but wish it was more crispier.

There are pizzas and pastas which you can order and watch the chef prepare it for you on the spot.  This is the Salmon and Prawns Carbonara I had which I ordered and there were lots of prawns in it, giving the pasta a sweet taste of seafood.

They have desserts too where there are flavoured jelly, cakes and waffles to end your meal on a sweet note.

With so much food at Kiseki Japanese Restaurant, now I understand why do people come back more than once to try the various different spread they have on a rotational basis.  There are ample seating capacity of 280 and in the day, you can have a nice view of Orchard Road from level 8 of Orchard Central where the restaurant is.

However, I wish they extend their dinner hours to a little later as their last order for food is at 9.30pm while they close the restaurant at 10.30pm, at least for the desserts section as I didn’t manage to try much of it.  Maybe, that is a reason for me to revisit Kiseki once again.


  • Orchard Central, #08-01/02/03
  • 181 Orchard Road
  • Singapore 238896

Operating Hour:

  • 11.30am to 3pm daily (Last order at 2.30pm)
  • 6pm to 10.30pm daily (Last order at 9.30pm)



11.30am – 3pm
6pm – 10.30pm


Adult : $19.80++
Child : $12.80++

(4 to 12 years old)

Saturday, Sunday,
Eve PH and PH

Adult : $27.80++
Child : $17.80++

(4 to 12 years old)


Adult : $31.80++
Child : $15.80++

(4 to 12 years old)

Friday, Saturday,
Sunday, Eve PH and PH

Adult : $34.80++
Child :$18.80++

(4 to 12 years old)

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