Home Cooked Western Style Dinner with Tefal Comfort Touch Wok Pan

Previously, I challenged myself to cook a Chinese-style dinner with Tefal Softline Saute-Pan and it turned out pretty good.  This time round, I am going to cook something Western, which is my forte.  Usually I will fix myself a simple meal with either fish or chicken with some vegetables but for this blog post, I will try an additional dish which I have not tried for a long time, which is rösti!

I have tried cooking rösti some time ago but it didn’t turn out well because I have the steps wrong.  So, I am going to get it right and make it good this time as a challenge for myself.

Hence, this time I will be using my Tefal Comfort Touch Wok Pan (retail price: S$99.00) courtesy by the people at Tefal
to prepare a healthy home cooked Western meal.  Last weekend, I went grocery shopping and myself busy in the kitchen but in the end, every effort was worth it as the food turned out great and delicious!

Dish #1: Rösti

To prepare this dish, it requires a lot of pre-preparation steps but first, you will need some US russet potatoes, olive oil, black pepper and margarine (or butter for a full flavour).  1 large US russet potato will serve about 1 person.

First step to begin, throw all the potatoes into a pot of boiling water and let it boil for about 10 minutes.  After which, take it out and let it cool for a bit.  While it is still slightly hot, it is the best time to peel the skin off with a shredder.  After peeling the skin off, place the potatoes into a huge bowl of ice-cold water till it turns cold.

After 10 minutes of chilling the potatoes, grate it lengthwise till you get what you see above in the picture.  Then, in a bowl, mix 1 portion of grated potatoes with just enough margarine to help it stick together and season with some black pepper.  Mix well as the next step will pan frying the rösti.

Heat up a drizzle of olive oil in the pan still it is hot and toss the uncooked rösti into the pan and make it a round shape like this.  Pan fry both sides till it turns brown according to your preference.

Ta-dah!! My rösti is ready and I already can’t wait to tuck in.

Dish #2: Pan Seared Salmon

Fortunately or unfortunately, pan searing a salmon doesn’t take a lot of preparation steps but getting it done nicely is quite tricky for many.  You won’t want your salmon to be overcooked and flaky, with it’s precious Omega-3 oozing out or accidentally breaking into half.

You will need a thick  fillet of salmon with skin on the underside to avoid overcooking it.  Tiny fillet of salmon ain’t recommended for pan searing as it will be easily overcooked.  Some sea salt and black pepper to season it and olive oil.  Lemon wedge is optional.

To avoid splattering of oil when cooking, use a kitchen towel to pat dry the fillet of salmon then season it with sea salt and black pepper and rub it on the top of the salmon.

To pan sear a salmon, pre heat the oil till it turns really hot over medium-high heat.  Place the salmon fillet skin down on the pan and leave it until the skin turns crisp and golden brown.  After a couple of minutes, turn over the salmon and sear the top layer briefly for half a minute.

Once it is done, transfer the salmon into a kitchen towel to remove the excess oil before serving!

There you go!  This is my dinner served with some cherry tomatoes and asparagus.  Light, delicious and healthy! 🙂

It was effortless preparing dinner with Tefal Comfort Touch Wok Pan thanks to a few of its properties.

Firstly, its non-stick properties means that my salmon won’t be stuck to the pan after searing it and break into pieces when I pick it up.  Secondly, I need my  pan to be really hot before placing my salmon in to sear.  The Integral Technology at the base with the copper disc at the middle acts as a heating element to ensure equal heat distribution across the pan.  Also, with the Thermo-Spot heat indicator at the center of the pan, I will know the perfect temperature when cooking.

If you like to experience this pan, it is available for sale at the following outlets listed below.  While stock last!

  • Takashimaya Singapore Ltd
  • Tangs (Orchard/Vivo)
  • Mohamed Mustafa & Samsuddin Co. Pte Ltd (Mustafa Centre)
  • OG Pte Ltd (Albert/People’s Park/OrchardPoint)
  • Best Denki Co., Ltd (Century Square)
  • Best Denki Co., Ltd (Great World)
  • Best Denki Co., Ltd (IMM)
  • Best Denki Co., Ltd (Junction 8)
  • Best Denki Co., Ltd (Ngee Ann)
  • Best Denki Co., Ltd (Parkway)
  • Best Denki Co., Ltd (Vivo City)
  • Best Denki Co., Ltd (Compass Point)
  • Best Denki (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Clementi)
  • Courts (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Ang Mo Kio)
  • Courts (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Toa Payoh)
  • Courts (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Megastore 50 Tampines North Drive 2 S528766)
  • Carrefour Singapore Pte Ltd (Suntec)
  • Carrefour Singapore Pte Ltd (Plaza Singapura)

For more details about Tefal products, do visit their website at http://www.tefal.com/Homepage.htm or you can try out some recipes with Tefal here: http://creative.asiaone.com/2012/IA/Tefal_IA120612/Recipes_for_Tefal_Cookware_2012.

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